How To Use Instagram Limit Targeted Ads

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How To Instagram Knowledge Limit Targeted Ads


⚜ we've got shared a stepwise orient limiting Instagram knowledge following to prevent targeted ads.

🔹Step 1: First of all, launch the Facebook app on your Android smartphone.

🔹Step 2: Now faucet on the three horizontal lines as shown below.

🔹Step 3: Next, faucet on the Settings & Privacy option.

🔹Step 4: Under Settings & Privacy, faucet on the ‘Settings.’

🔹Step 5: Now scroll down and faucet on the ‘Ad Preferences’ option.

🔹Step 6: Now faucet on the ‘Ad Settings’ option.

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🔹Step 7: Under the Ad Settings, scroll down and faucet on the ‘Data concerning your activity from partners’

🔹Step 8: On ordered page, use the toggle button to indicate off ‘Facebook’ and ‘Instagram.’

🔹Step 9: Now return and faucet on the ‘Categories accustomed reach you’

🔹Step 10: Tap on the ‘Interest Categories’

🔹Step 11: You would like to opt-out of all the Interest classes

🔹Step 12: You got to do an equivalent for ‘Other Categories’ as well.

✅ That’s it! you're done. currently you won’t get very correct ads on Instagram and Facebook.

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