World Pharmaceutical Day - 25 September

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        The World Health Organization and many other countries have sent special teams to Mumbai to see the work of their pharmacists on TB. This article underlines the importance of the pharmaceutical sector in the society but at the same time suggests that one should work hard to make this sector commercial. 

World Pharmaceutical Day - 25 September

        From time to time, public opinion polls are held on many issues abroad. Gallap poles in the US are famous for this. Who is your favorite, most trusted professional? A referendum is also held for this. And for the last several years, the vote has been on the side of the nurse and the pharmacist. Pharmacists get the most votes from doctors, dentists, teachers, bankers, lawyers. ‘As the most trusted professional, the pharmacist has earned a place of his own in this society.

 Pharmacist is a professional who has studied pharmacy course (Diploma in Pharmacy or Bachelor of Pharmacy etc.). Pharmacists play an important role in many areas such as pharma manufacturing, research, marketing, drug control. But when the term 'pharmacist' is used, it refers primarily to pharmacists in retail pharmacies and pharmacists in hospitals. In short, a pharmacist is a community oriented pharmacist who comes in direct contact with patients.
           The sale of drugs is the core of the work of pharmacists in the field of pharmacy. The main task of a pharmacist is to provide safe, appropriate medicines to the patients. But if you look globally, the role of the global pharmacist has expanded tremendously. The pharmacist is considered to be the main link between the patient and the doctor. A doctor is considered a 'health expert' and a pharmacist is considered a 'pharmacologist'.
              Audits or verifies prescriptions given by doctors. For this, the help of computers is taken. The pharmacist checks to see if the dose of the given medicine is correct, if there is more than one medicine, there is a possibility of drug interaction. Discuss over the phone with the doctor if needed. Doctors also make appropriate changes to the prescription as needed, as advised by the pharmacist. 
World Pharmaceutical Day - 25 September

            While giving the medicine, the pharmacist gives the patient detailed information about the medicine and also takes the medicine leaflet home with him. Blood sugar, blood pressure, weight are also measured in the pharmacy. The pharmacist also provides valuable guidance for detoxification. 
                   Now is the time for specialist pharmacists abroad. With special training, pharmacists become experts in diabetes, high blood pressure, detoxification and provide valuable guidance to patients as consultant pharmacists. In some countries, such as Australia, a pharmacist visits the hospital in consultation with the patient's doctor and gives feedback to the doctor by examining the medication in the Home Meditcation Review.

                  Overall, doctors and pharmacists have a complementary role abroad and work is being done accordingly. In some countries, such as England, pharmacists prescribe drugs. Of course, they have to take special training and then they become independent postclivers. Vaccination is also done in pharmacist shops in many countries. Reminder SMS, phone calls are made so that patients do not forget to take the medicine. The drugstore as a whole is the center of many patient-oriented services. In the role of patient counselor, the pharmacist works for the well-being of the patient. The smiling pharmacist in the white coat is always ready to help.
             Pharmacists are a great support to people not only for medicines but also for their overall health needs. You may have read this and wondered why pharmacist is considered number one. With the exception of a few countries in Southeast Asia and Latin America and Africa, pharmacists around the world appear to be in the role of ‘health care professionals’ and are making significant strides in the health sector. We have a very different situation.

          We have made tremendous progress in the field of pharma manufacturing. Today, we are the third largest producer of medicine in the world. These winds of progress have not reached the retail pharmacy sector. There has been no professional. Like many other types of shops, a drug store is considered. He doesn't have a pharmacy look. The question is how to identify the pharmacist in the shop. Your pharmacist does not have a professional identity.

World Pharmaceutical Day - 25 September

               All stakeholders are responsible for this and it must be acknowledged that this situation must change. In today's modern world, medicine has become a necessity for everyone and modern medicine is an effective chemical. Used properly, it is poisonous, not nectar. Today more than 50 patients do not use drugs properly. On the one hand there is a lot of self-medication and on the other hand there is the practice of not taking the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Again the drugs are not taken properly.
                Where there is an effect, there is a side effect. Awareness that overuse, underuse or misuse of drugs can be extremely dangerous has not been able to create awareness among consumers. It is necessary to have awareness, vigilance and proper information about medicines. For this, the role of pharmacist is very important to guide the patients and make them literate. 
        Moreover, there are over one lakh brands in the pharmaceutical market today. Many have very similar names, but the drugs are different. Medicines with a letter difference in the name have very different properties. Dimol for stomach gas and Dimox for kidney and fits. Adam's vomiting and adox tonic. That is a difference of one letter, but completely different medicinal components and properties. Therefore, it is necessary to prescribe medicines responsibly. Consumers should insist on the presence and guidance of a pharmacist for this. Because it is in their own health. This will prevent many mistakes in taking medicine.

 _In today's situation it would be unfair to have all the expectations from your pharmacist like Global Pharmacist. But it is the responsibility of all stakeholders to make the role of the pharmacist more patient-oriented. Consumers need to be supportive, sensitive and aware in all these changes. 

World Pharmaceutical Day - 25 September

         How does depression work when things are directly related to your health? Consumers should ask him about his pharmaceutical doubts by asking who is the registered pharmacist in the shop. Even if the shop is crowded, a minimum of pharmacological guidance can be given in a very short time. Even our pharmacists are slowly becoming more capable of counseling. Some enthusiastic pharmacists begin counseling patients. But patients turn their backs on ‘yes, no time, everyone knows’ and the enthusiasm of this new generation of pharmacists is dashed. 

        All the hasty cases of giving, taking and leaving medicine. Customers should be prepared to wait a little longer in the store. It should be noted that our pharmacists are working hard day and night to provide medicines to the patients. For any ailment we take the first run at the nearest pharmacy. Although their role is not as well developed abroad as that of Health Care Professional, in some areas their work has made an impact all over the world. The participation of pharmacists in Maharashtra in the government's TB control program is a very proud example of this. 
                   DOT Pharmacists are doing a great job of providing free DOTS drugs to patients, sending people with TB-like symptoms for sputum testing, TB counseling and monitoring of medications. He also made a resolution to do so. It also officially included pharmacists in the national health program. The World Health Organization (WHO) and many other countries took note of this and sent a special team to Mumbai to look into the work of their pharmacists on TB.
            The point is, even your pharmacists do a great job. There is little to commend Dots Pharmacist for providing this service to the community at no financial cost. This success story underscores the place and strength of pharmacists in social health.

         In short, progress in the retail pharmacy sector, raising the role of pharmacists is the need of the hour. Good pharmacy practices should be implemented. We have a long way to go in this regard. The goal of commercializing this sector should be set by all concerned. Efforts are being made in this direction. But it should be done faster and faster. Customer support is also needed in this evolution. This progress will make the health of the citizens safer. So go to your usual pharmacy (not medical ..) and thank your pharmacist for this day. Encourage them to progress.

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- Bhushan Savande (Founder & CEO)

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